Micah Life Mission

Our mission is to provide a healthy safe home in El Salvador where boys and young men who come from social risk situations can live together in a family environment and receive the education, care, discipleship and training necessary to become responsible, compassionate men of integrity who love God and their neighbors.

Right now we are in the phase of raising funds to purchase a house that will serve as our group home for teenage boys on the streets of El Salvador. Help us buy a house!


  • From the blog

    You should have seen the looks on their faces

    We had told the street kids the week before that we were planning to rent a soccer court nearby for Saturday afternoon. But Saturday morning the sky was gray. The clouds were ominous and quickly the light drizzle turned into rain turned into a downpour. “The kids aren’t going to want to play in this weather,” we thought, “but let’s still take them some food anyways.”

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    Prayer for Micah Life

    Daniel, a young man from the Micah Project, who now lives in the Isaiah House after having lived on the streets in Honduras wrote a beautiful prayer of blessing over Micah Life and we want to share it...


    I know that the man and woman (his wife) who had the idea to start Micah Life are admirable people with noble hearts, with a great sense of humor, but at the same time passionate for the Lord...

    I know that the lives that come to Micah Life will find the love of God in this new place; and there will be struggles just like we all have, there will be pain and many other things, but the most important thing is that God will be there with outstretched arms and with eyes of love, waiting like a gentleman to receive His children...

    Men with dreams are many, but men with love for lost souls in the desert are few...


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